The Scripps Theater is home to the first United States installation of the J. R. Clancy/Stage Technologies Juggler System. Six fixed speed and six variable speed dead-haul motorized winches with up to 1200lbs capacity are spread from the downstage seats to the upstage wall. The Juggler console allows manual and programmed moves of great complexity. Normally there are five empty pipes at your disposal, in addition to the repertory hang. The absence of counterweights allows an experienced fly crew to rig a show in record time.

Our rope and sandbag system is operated from a pinrail on the stage left mezzanine. Standard uses are the teasers, legs, mid-stage black, and cyclorama. Equipment for 3 more pipes is on hand, but the configuration is subject to change. While the rope and sandbag system is more time consuming to rig, our full grid allows you to add spot lines and temporary pipes almost anywhere.

Because safe operation of stage rigging is a life or death issue, we must restrict adjustment and operation to qualified personnel. If you or someone in your group would like to become qualified, training is available in our courses, one-on-one instruction, or as an apprentice.

  • Line Schedule
  • Motorized Lineset Data
  • Rigging and Fly Qualifications

Additional soft goods include:

  • 1 Scrim, Black, 15'-6" high x 40' wide
  • 2 Flat Duvytene panels, Black, 17' high x 28' wide

Dance floor: Harlequin Black/Grey Reversible

  • 4 strips 30'-0, 29'-10, 29'-10, 24'-4 by 5'-3 and curved sections to match the arc of the seating
  • Largest useable area with masking is 24'-8 deep by 34' wide downstage and 22' wide upstage.
  • Floor plot with dance floor and masking

Our proscenium is formed by a ruby velour grand teaser and a traveler that can also fly. Three sets of black legs rotate and slide on and off stage. Three feet from the back wall is a black velour traveler with a limited fly. A natural muslin cyc is against the back wall. Typical teaser trim height is 14 or 15 feet and pipes fly to 33?-6. The stage floor is black painted wood. By special arrangement you may use our black marley or paint the deck. If you would like to paint the deck you must confirm that it will not impact any other users and repaint the floor with a black paint of our specification.