A Christmas Carol 2020

A Christmas Carol 2020


Dec. 4 - Dec. 20
Fri- Sun @ 7pm
Tickets: $20
Box Office: (845) 876-3080


Now in its 15th year, The CENTER is pleased to present Dicken's classic, A Christmas Carol. 

Directed and adapted by Lou Trapani with musical direction by Paul & JoAnne Schubert and starring Andy Crispell, Emily DePew, Ellie DeMan, Joe Felece, Harriet Luongo, Lisa Lynds, Duane Olson & Lou Trapani as Scrooge.

This will be a DRIVE-IN LIVE THEATRE EXPERIENCE!  Come rain, snow or shine, park your heated car and watch live theatre through your windshield into this wonderland!


Appropriate For All Audiences.


This show will be presented on an outdoor stage, raised up so that watching from your cars will be easy and enjoyable.


Please have your ticketing information at the parking lot entrance at the rear of our building.  All pre-sold through our online vendor. No cash sales. 


Is the admission price per person or per vehicle?
Admission prices are per person.

Are you open during inclement weather?
Yes, however if the storm is severe and deemed to be of specific danger, we may close the theatre for the safety of our customers and our staff.

How do we hear the show in our vehicle?
We are a radioactive drive-in, therefore you can listen to the show by tuning your vehicle’s radio to 100.5 FM. 

If my vehicle’s radio does not work, what shall I do?
You may bring in a portable radio of your own.

Can we leave our engine running during the show?
We would like the drive-in experience to be a pleasant one for all of our customers, so it is preferred that your vehicle’s engine remain off during the show for the convenience of those patrons around you. It is understandable if you need to run your engine intermittently during the show for air conditioning, heater, wipers, etc. Please remember to keep your headlights off.

Can we back our vehicle into the parking space?

Can we leave the hatchback open?
Yes, but please tie the hatchback down so it is level with the roof of your vehicle so anyone parked behind you can see over your hatchback.

Can we cook on our grill at the drive-in?
No. There are no open flames or cooking devices allowed within the drive-in area. Violators will be asked to leave the premises.

Can we set up chairs and blankets outside of our vehicle?
Yes, but we ask that you place your chairs and/or blankets in front of your vehicle, so that all parking spaces are available for our customers.

Can we get to the drive-in early and save a parking space for our friends that will arrive later?
No, parking spaces cannot be saved for a late arrival. This is to make the parking availabilities fair to all of our customers.

Can I videotape at the drive-in?
While we encourage families to take photos and videos of their fun times at the drive-in, please be aware that there is absolutely NO videotaping allowed once the show has begun.


You will be seated in your car or in the bed of your truck for the show.  Masks are required as you walk from your car to the restroom or if you can not maintain 6 feet between your party and others.


Bathrooms inside our facility will be available, but please follow marked guides in the waiting line.


No pets (except for service animals) are allowed at The CENTER.


In consideration of all patrons and staff, The CENTER restricts smoking to designated areas only.

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