The CENTER's teaching staff have degrees in their field and are carefully screened prior to employment.

We are proud to provide the following teachers and assistants:

Kevin Archambault
MaryKate Barnett
Jeri Burns
Corinne Carolan
Amy Cornwall Robinson
Lynne Czajka
Emily DePew
Diana Di Grandi
Kathryn Dods
Babette Fasolino
Lisa Lynds
Niki Metcalf
Morgan McKinley
Roberta Petrone
JoAnne Schubert
Lou Trapani
Zoe Vandermeer

Stage Managers/Assistants:

Jacob Anspach
Katie Beth Anspach
Laurel Ardini
Joshua Lococo
Alexis Metcalf
Sabrina Roberts
Angelica Schubert