Mother Nature Field Trip


April 30, 2019 - 10:00 a.m.
Celebrate spring and the environment! Mother Nature packs a powerful message with her depiction of the natural world. Combining ecology with mythology, Mother Nature and her friend, The Fairy Queen, teach the importance of preservation. After being informed by the Fairy Queen that some "animal" is harming our ecosystems, Mother Nature heads off to Rhinebeck to find the offending mammal. Northeast habitats such as a pond, a forest and the sea shore are depicted using both indigenous animal and imaginary "fairy life". Through stories, dance and improvisation, emphasis is placed on how humans impact various ecosystems and how conservation is our responsibility. For grades K-5.

Presented by Kit's Interactive Theatre

Tickets $8.00 per student

Advance reservations required. Call the Education Department at (845) 876-3088 ext. 13 for more information or access reservation form here. You will need Adobe Reader to view file.

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